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Garden Lantern Stone Carvings

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  • Lantern Festivalenglish

    Lantern Festivalenglish

    Jan 16, 2018 Many Chinese holidays involve lanterns. But Lantern Festival represents the epitome of this custom. Lanterns are first brought out on the thirteenth day of the first lunar month. They are tested on the fourteenth, formally lit on the fifteenth, and taken down on the eighteenth. The origins of Chinese lanterns reach back to the Stone Age.

  • Taiyuans Taoist temple Chunyang Palace one of historic sites

    Taiyuans Taoist Temple Chunyang Palace One Of Historic Sites

    Nov 05, 2021 Todays Chunyang Palace also serves as a museum. On display in the temple are stone carving works created during various historical periods including the Han 206 BC-AD 220, Wei 220-265 and Tang 618-907 dynasties. One of the most precious exhibits are the Han Dynasty stone-carving works unearthed in Shanxis Lishi county.

  • Impressive Hui Culture Hui Culture english

    Impressive Hui Culture Hui Culture English

    Aug 02, 2010 Visitors wandering along the street can find various products that bear the imprints of the Hui culture, including teas, ink, ink-stones, bamboo carvings, brick carvings and woodblock prints. Neo-Confucianism and the Patriarchal Clan System. As for philosophys stamp on the Hui culture, Neo-Confucianism is an important form of Confucianism.

  • August 2017 Page 18

    August 2017 Page 18

    The courtyard features an open-air garden that evokes the central courtyards of ancient hutong. Bamboo and manicured foliage paired with beautiful stone walls and comfortable terrace seating make this the best backdrop for a selection of local craft beers, wines and champagnes served on a warm summer night. Source Global Times

  • Page 213

    Page 213

    Indian businesswomen choose lighting fixtures in an exhibition in Yiwu, East Chinas Zhejiang Province. File photo IC. Despite reports of rising calls in India for boycotting Chinese goods in the wake of an ongoing military stand-off between China and India in a border area, Chinese traders exports of small commodities to the Indian market have remained unaffected so far, several ...

  • Hangzhous glorious gardens hold a special placeEnglish

    Hangzhous Glorious Gardens Hold A Special Placeenglish

    Jun 13, 2018 A stone-carved sculpture of Ma Yifu, a former resident and highly regarded scholar of Jiangzhuang Garden, is found at the gardens entrance. Directly ahead and aligned with the gaze of Ma is the vast expanse of the West Lake.

  • International Friends Enjoy Romance in Xian China

    International Friends Enjoy Romance In Xian China

    Oct 20, 2021 International Friends Enjoy Romance in Xian, China. In the afternoon of October 18, participants of International Friends Visit to Xian after National Games gathered at Xian City Wall Park. International friends from Russia, Egypt, Mexico, Spain, Georgia and other countries wandered in the park and enjoyed the romance of the ancient city.

  • Nanjings Spring Festival celebration feature nearly 1 000

    Nanjings Spring Festival Celebration Feature Nearly 1 000

    Feb 10, 2021 Nanjings Spring Festival celebration feature nearly 1,000 events. As many people choose to stay put for the upcoming Spring Festival to prevent COVID-19 spread, Nanjing has planned nearly 1,000 events to celebrate the Chinese New Year, according to a press conference of the citys government on February 9. The events include the 26th ...

  • Lost Buddha statue returns to Chinas relicrich province

    Lost Buddha Statue Returns To Chinas Relicrich Province

    Jul 25, 2021 Photo taken on July 24 , 2021 shows a stone Buddha head of a statue , which belongs to Cave 8 of the Tianlong Mountain Grottoes , at the Tianlong Mountain Grottoes Museum in Taiyuan .North China s Shanxi Province . A long-lost Buddha statue of Tianlong Mountain Grottoes made its public debut in Shanxi Province Saturday after being returned from Japan .

  • Anhuis Scenic Spots to Offer Free Admission in Spring

    Anhuis Scenic Spots To Offer Free Admission In Spring

    Jan 20, 2017 Anhuis Scenic Spots to Offer Free Admission in Spring Festival. A number of tourist attractions in East Chinas Anhui province will offer free admission to visitors during the upcoming Spring Festival, Anhui Business Daily reports. The spots are Tianzhu Mountain in Qianshan county, Daishan Lake in Feidong county, Sanhe township in Feixi ...

  • A tribute to honestyCri news

    A Tribute To Honestycri News

    Mar 04, 2019 A tribute to honesty. Legendary stories of Bao Zheng can be seen from a museum of waxworks near the Lord Bao Temple. PHOTO BY WANG RUCHINA DAILY A 1,000 years later, people still remember a Song Dynasty official for his integrity. As a native of Hefei, I used to feel a little ashamed that I had never visited the Lord Bao Park before.

  • 3 6645 FRIDAY MAY 11 2018 Ant Financial to

    3 6645 Friday May 11 2018 Ant Financial To

    carved stone lions, decorative drum-shaped stones, stone objects with patterns of lotus flowers and rootsthe latter of which mean abundance every yearand stone water tanks for fish. The beautiful stone carvings are a real feast for the eyes. Lu Yonghong, 40, has been engaged in stone carving for more than 20 years. Both his grandfather

  • The Story of Stones China Today

    The Story Of Stones China Today

    The most famous of them is the 5.6-m-high Guanyun Crowning Cloud Peak in Liuyuan Lingering Garden. Witnesses to History With the development of carving, stone was widely used in ornamental architecture and tomb building, and thus became a faithful witness to Chinese history.

  • Lili Town A Reclusive Place of Pear Blossoms

    Lili Town A Reclusive Place Of Pear Blossoms

    Mar 10, 2020 The carving depicting three crossed spears and battleaxes put into a vase reflected ancient peoples yearning for a successful official career. Liu Hai, a legendary celestial being of wealth, was also a theme of mooring stone carvings. Craftsmen in Lili began carving cartoon images on stones some 100 years ago or even earlier.

  • 34th Qinhuai Lantern Festival to kick off in Nanjing

    34th Qinhuai Lantern Festival To Kick Off In Nanjing

    Jan 06, 2020 Large Medium Small. The 34th Qinhuai Lantern Festival, a time-honored folk culture carnival, is ready for the Chinese New Year celebration in Nanjing, according to a press conference held on January 5. From January 17 to February 11, a creative mix of technological elements such as water curtains, drones, and robots will bring more amazing ...

  • Legendary Jinling brocade recreated in Nanjing ENGLISH

    Legendary Jinling Brocade Recreated In Nanjing English

    Nanjing Jiangnan Silk Cultural Museum donated a replica of the legendary Jinling brocade, named after the old name of Nanjing, to the Nanjing Municipal Archives on October 13 while releasing a new book on the history of the citys Yunjin brocade and silk weaving. Jinling brocade was the signature produce by Zhong Xing Yuan Silk Factory in the ...


    China Today

    The 200-year-old City God Temple features blue bricks and yellow walls, roof decorations in the shape of flying dragons, and lattice windows that add particular charm to the buildings. The Xis a local prominent clan Hall is ornamented with skillful carvings and ornate flower patterns.

  • Ancient Villages in Southern AnhuiXidi and Hongcun

    Ancient Villages In Southern Anhuixidi And Hongcun

    Decorated with the typical local style of brick, wood and stone, carvings, they display the ornateness and elegancy of the traditional 15th-16th century edifices, boasting historical and research value, as well as being tourist attractions. The most typical of these are the residential houses of Xidi Village and the paleo-ox-shaped Hongcun Village.

  • Wealth of Tradition Deeply Etched in

    Wealth Of Tradition Deeply Etched In

    Oct 09, 2017 Brick carving is among the best-known forms of Hui carving, along with stone carving and wood carving, all of which have a long history and are treasured for the artistry they display. Brick carvings halcyon days were during the Ming 1368-1644 and Qing 1644-1911 dynasties, top masters being able to carve nine-layer patterns in an eight ...


    China Today

    Each yard has elaborately carved doors and windows, as well as lanterns, in a distinctive layout. There are also venerable farming, spinning, and stone milling tools and implements on display. Tourist Yang Yizhong from Xian City, however, believes the original courtyards are most attractive.


    China Today

    Zhujiajiao is a Chinese painting come to life, with ancient white-washed tiled-roof homes adorned with classic red lanterns, 27 rivers teeming with fish, wildlife, and fowl such as egrets, wild mandarin ducks, and turtledoves, and the ruby red lotus flowers enshrined in ancient paintings and poems. Today, this town with a population of 60,000 ...

  • Mystical Dai Ethnic Villages

    Mystical Dai Ethnic Villages

    Oct 09, 2021 The Dai people have passed down the art of carving Buddhist scriptures on palm leaves with steel blades for a millennium, so creating the profound palm-leaf culture. Palm leaves are revered by the Dai people. Those ancient palm-leaf scriptures have been regarded as auspicious relics bearing their history and culture.


    China Today

    Located in the southern foothills of Zijinshan Mountain, the mausoleum contains the tomb of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, founder of the Ming Dynasty, and Empress Ma. As the first Ming imperial tomb, it exemplifies the architectural and stone carving excellence of that age. Its design and architecture had direct influence on tomb construction during ...

  • DatongCity of Diverse Cultures

    Datongcity Of Diverse Cultures

    Sep 14, 2018 Datong food is the representative of delicacies in north Shanxi. Local specialties include sliced noodles, millet cakes, and naked oat noodles among others. The flavors have been influenced by nomadic people thanks to the citys unique history. Dishes made

  • Culture


    Stone lion unearthed in downtown Lhasa. A stone lion the height of a man was recently unearthed in Lhasa, near what is believed to be former ministerial office, according local authorities. The lion, 169-cm tall and 104.7-cm wide, excavated on March .. Stone lion Lhasa 2017-04-20.